Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Almira C. AKIN Naskatucket  
View Annie F. AKIN Riverside 04/08/1909
View Annie E. AKIN Riverside 06/24/1899
View Bart   AKIN Naskatucket 01/24/1863
View Bartholemew   AKIN Riverside 06/14/1841
View Bartholemew   AKIN Naskatucket 03/24/1835
View Bartholomew G. AKIN Riverside 08/28/1949
View Bartholomew   AKIN Riverside 06/24/1863
View Charles F. AKIN Riverside 10/28/1937
View Ebenezer   AKIN Riverside 09/05/1870
View Ebenezer JR. AKIN Riverside 12/30/1904
View Edwin M. AKIN Naskatucket 09/19/1895
View Elizabeth E. AKIN Riverside 11/17/1918
View Elizabeth   AKIN Naskatucket  
View Ellen H. AKIN Naskatucket 05/21/1919
View Ellis   AKIN Naskatucket 11/26/1860
View Eva R. AKIN Riverside 03/18/1971
View Frederick W. AKIN Riverside 06/15/1929
View George   AKIN Naskatucket 02/24/1847
View Harriet   AKIN Naskatucket 05/01/1903