Fairhaven Cemetery Records

Private Cemeteries

Delano Cemetery

The Delano family plot is located on Sconticut Neck Road near Wilburs Point. The cemetery currently contains three markers. It is maintained by the Town of Fairhaven BPW Parks and Grounds Division.

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Sacred Hearts Community Cemetery

The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts was granted permission to created a private cemetery on its property on Adams Street in 1937. Town meeting members voted to allow a 50 square foot lot to be used for interment of the members of the order exclusively.

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Sconticut Neck Indian Burial Ground

This Cemetery is approximately 40' x 42' in area. It is located in the Wigwam Beach area off of Sconticut Neck Rd. The final resting places are marked with simple field stones. According to excerpts taken from the notes of Capt. Jabez Delano some of the gravesites were damaged and bones washed away during a storm in 1815. The burial site is maintained by the current property owner.

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